Strawberry compote and fruit drink: the best recipes and cooking secrets

Strawberry compote and fruit drink: the best recipes and cooking secrets

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Strawberry time is in full swing. Now you can enjoy these fragrant, sweet, healthy and delicious berries. You can just eat them with sour cream, cream, put them on a delicious biscuit, make fruit jelly, dessert, jam and jam. And you can cook from them a wonderful compote. This cool strawberry drink will bring pleasure in the heat. But if you procure it for the future, it will remind you of a wonderful summer and a cold winter.

Preparation and selection of berries for compote

For strawberry compote, it is better to choose medium-sized berries, dense and brightly colored. They boil less than large specimens, and give the drink a beautiful color. Strawberry is a perishable product, so it should be processed immediately after collection or purchase.

Moreover, it is first prepared as follows:

  • berries are sorted by size and remove debris;
  • they are carefully washed in small portions in a colander under cold running water;
  • the fruits are allowed to drain a little, and then they are peeled, separating the sepals.

Before you cook compote from frozen strawberries, you do not need to defrost berries. They are washed well, cleaned from ponytails and put in a pot of water.

Delicious strawberry compote recipes

Everyone loves strawberry compote. Some people prefer a sweet drink, while others like it to be a little bit "sour." Therefore, the amount of sugar in the compote is determined by individual taste. And the berries themselves differ in taste and sweetness.

There are many recommendations on how to cook compote from fresh or frozen strawberries. Let us dwell on a few of them.

Basic recipe

The proportions of the ingredients for it are as follows: for half a kilogram of berries you need 6-8 tablespoons of sugar, this is enough for a three-liter saucepan of the drink. The berries are put in a pan with water and sugar mixed in it. Then the contents are brought to a boil and cooked for a couple of minutes. Leave to cool, covering the pan with a lid: so the compote is better infused.

Refreshing compote with lemon

Cut lemon into thin slices protects the berries in the compote from digestion and gives the drink a pleasant "acidity". This compote quenches thirst well. It is brewed in almost the same way as in the previous case, only a little more sugar is needed. Lemon is added to boiling water before turning off the burner.

Peppermint drink

First, pour the mint with very hot boiled water. Give her a little insistence. And then add the prepared berries, sugar and a little cinnamon. All this is brought to a boil and cook for about five minutes.

Strawberry compote with apples

This drink is good because it can be prepared at any time of the year. After all, apples are available all year round. This drink is prepared as follows:

  • A 3-4 liter pot of water is brought to a boil;
  • in boiling water add 3-4 sliced ‚Äč‚Äčacidic apple slices and 2 cups washed strawberries;
  • all this is boiled for 10-15 minutes, at the end of cooking, you can add a couple of clean mint branches to the drink;
  • the drink is filtered hot, and then sugar is added to taste (3-4 tablespoons), and it is thoroughly mixed until it is completely dissolved;
  • compote can be decorated with mint leaves.

How to cook strawberry compote

The secrets of making strawberry juice

Berry juice is a delicious and very healthy drink. Translated from Latin, fruit drink (mulsa) means "honey drink." To prepare a vitamin homemade fruit drink, you first need to squeeze the juice from the berries, using enameled or glass dishes for it. Strawberry pulp is poured with water, boiled for several minutes, then the broth is filtered and combined with strawberry juice.

Honey is diluted with a small amount of water and added to the finished drink. In addition to honey, you can put lemon zest and mint there.

Strawberry juice can be made in another way:

  • put the washed berries in an enamel container and sprinkle them with sugar;
  • juice will actively stand out from them. To accelerate this process, you can suppress the berry mass;
  • then you need to strain the juice released from it.

The frozen strawberries are washed, laid out in a non-metallic container and poured with boiling water. When the berries unfreeze, they add boiling water and sugar, mix it all, cover and wrap. The drink is insisted for 3 hours, the berries are well crushed with a crush, the liquid is filtered. The pulp is squeezed into this container.

You can cook fruit drinks according to this recipe: per kilogram of squeezed strawberries, a liter of water, half a glass of sugar and half a glass of blackcurrant juice are needed.

Harvesting strawberry compote for the winter

Many housewives love to cook fresh berries compotes for the winter. As a rule, they are very concentrated. Here are some recipes for strawberry compote for the winter.

Strawberries in their juice

In sterile jars, sugar and strawberries are poured in layers. For a half-liter capacity, you need about a glass of sugar. The cans filled to the top are left for a couple of hours so that the berries let the juice go, the sugar has dissolved a little in them, and the contents of the cans have condensed and settled. Then they are placed in a wide container filled with hot water (water temperature 40 degrees) and heated to 100 degrees. Stand the workpiece in the pan for half an hour and roll up. Then they are turned lid down and cooled.

Compote with red currant juice

We spread strawberries in prepared cans, fill it with warmed up to 80 degrees currant juice with sugar (a liter of sugar is needed per liter of juice). After that, we cover the jars with lids and pasteurize at 90 degrees: liter jars - 15 minutes, and half-liter jars - 10 minutes. Then roll them up. Red currant juice is obtained by rubbing its berries through a sieve. Moreover, it has gelling properties. This prevents the berries in the compote from floating up. The drink is homogeneous and rich in texture and color.

Stewed Compote

Cherry gives the strawberry compote a special taste and aroma. In this case, it does not need to be separated from the bones. The washed berries are stacked in jars. Cherries should be half as much as strawberries. Pour berries in layers of sugar (20 grams per layer). Compote is cooked in the same way as described in the first recipe.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the recipes for making compote from grapes without sterilization.

Simple recipe

A three-liter jar will need about a kilogram of strawberries, 2.5 liters of water and a half cup of sugar.

Cooking sequence:

  • washed berries are laid out in sterile jars, filling the containers by about 20%;
  • pour them with boiling water, cover the container with a lid and leave for 15 minutes to insist;
  • through a special lid with holes, pour water from cans into a pan, add the necessary amount of sugar to it and boil the resulting syrup for a couple of minutes;
  • then pour it into banks, which are then rolled up;
  • they are turned over and wrapped until completely cooled.

Strawberry compote: harvesting for the winter

Strawberries are a tasty and healthy berry. But her season is short. In winter, various preparations from these aromatic fruits are very helpful. Strawberry compote and a mixture of other berries and fruits are a real find at the time of vitamin deficiency. It is very tasty, fragrant. If you cook it correctly, then the berries in it remain whole and dense. In winter, you can make a compote of frozen berries. The main thing is not to be lazy in the berry season. Then all year round you will have delicious vitamin drinks, which are especially loved by children.