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How to get rid of fruit flies.

How to get rid of fruit flies.

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The flower was occupied by fruit flies. And poisoned, and deduced - nothing helps. A day or two they are not visible, then again they begin to fly. Fruits and vegetables just do not roll around, everything is in the refrigerator. Nothing rots in the garbage can. Already even transplanted all the flowers, but all to no avail. How can they be deduced once and for all? Advise some kind of compassion, preferably not very chemical, because there is a cat in the apartment who is extremely partial to plants. No matter how poisoned.


First of all, you need to find a nest of flies, otherwise the funds will give only a temporary effect. Take a closer look at the old cans, bottles, perhaps somewhere in the closet or on the mezzanine. Most likely, you will find something. And after the destruction of their nests, you can put scented candles or sticks, they helped me well, the flies do not tolerate smoke, even in small quantities.