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Strawberry Sweet Merry XXL and Sweet Evie: Description of the varieties and reviews about them

Strawberry Sweet Merry XXL and Sweet Evie: Description of the varieties and reviews about them

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Strawberry Suite XXL Mary, reviews of which are only positive throughout Russia, have recently gained great popularity among gardeners. It should be remembered that in order to get a good harvest of this fragrant, fragrant berry, it is very important to choose the right variety.

In shape and taste, strawberries are very similar to strawberries. Botanists attribute these berries to representatives of one genus - strawberries.

Both strawberries and strawberries are real natural healers. In their composition, various acids were found:

  • lemon;
  • salicylic;
  • amber;
  • apple
  • phosphoric;
  • hinny;
  • shikimovoy;
  • glycolic.

Berries contain all B vitamins, vitamins C, PP, A and E, beta-carotene. The value is represented by the fruits and leaves of the plant.


Unique honey flavor and sophisticated strawberry aroma has a new variety of wild strawberry Sweet Mary XXL.

The characteristics of this variety attract gardeners. Strawberry Sweet has a pleasant sugar flavor, which influenced the name of the berry - Sweet Mary. Extraordinarily large berries reach a weight of 110 g.

This variety is characterized by high productivity. Strawberry Sweet bears fruit from May to frost. After the first harvest, the plant prepares for the next ripening stage: buds are laid, new fruits are tied. Ripening can occur even on unrooted and young strawberry outlets Sweet Mary XXL.

The plant has a strong stem with a powerful root system, which allows you to grow a bush up to 0.5 m high. This variety of strawberries perfectly withstands the onslaught of pests and diseases. He tolerates frosts well to -20 C.

How to plant strawberries


Since 2010, Dutch gardening strawberries Sweet Evi - Sweet Eve appeared on the beds of our gardeners. Large, spherical shape, dark red berries with excellent taste qualities will not leave anyone indifferent.

Strawberry garden Evi-2 has a high yield and resistance to transportation. The average weight of the berry is 20-25 g. From 1 sq. M. Gardeners collect up to 5 kg of sweet Evi berries.

Strawberries of this variety are suitable for planting in open and closed ground. It tolerates heat well, any soil conditions are suitable for it. However, it gives the highest yield on light or medium-sized soils with an acidity of pH 5.0-6.6.

You can collect a plentiful strawberry Evi-2 crop if you follow the following rules:

  • plant seedlings without saving space - 40 cm between the bushes and 60 cm between the rows;
  • after planting, remove all flowers;
  • periodically fertilize with nitrogen fertilizers;
  • regularly carry out loosening and mulching of the soil;
  • pruning leaves after the first harvest;
  • cover the beds with straw or sawdust until next year.

The frost resistance of the variety is medium. Removable strawberries need shelter in winters with little snow.

Garden strawberry Evi is resistant to powdery mildew and rotted fruit.

Features strawberry care up to a year

To obtain the maximum yield of strawberries (garden strawberries), weed beds must be weeded, to clean them of fallen leaves and twigs. Since any strawberry variety loves oxygen, regular loosening of the soil should be carried out, especially after irrigation or rain.

In the absence of rain, it is recommended to water strawberries 1 time in 10 days. Make sure that the soil moisture is 70-80%. The best time to water is in the early morning.

At the beginning of the season, you need to do the first top dressing. Usually, a urea solution is used (1 tbsp. L. Per 10 liters of water, 0.5 l. Under each root). When laying the bud and ripening the fruit, it is worth feeding strawberries with potassium sulfate. After the season ends, apply complex fertilizer.

These varieties of strawberries do not produce a large number of mustaches. Having rooted a mustache, use them to rejuvenate the bushes in the new season. By removing the flowers of the first crop, you can get large quantities of larger berries in the second stage of fruiting.

Preparing plants for winter

After the season is over, it is necessary to prepare garden strawberries for wintering. This will preserve the plant and allow you to get a good harvest for next year.

Feed the bushes with mineral and organic fertilizers. Good results are given by top dressing with ash and manure.

Having cut the leaves and mustache of strawberries, burn them or bury them in a hole. This will help to destroy the larvae of pests and pathogens, and the plant smoothly go into a state of rest.

Strawberry mulching will contribute to quick recovery in spring hay, sawdust or pine needles. This will allow to keep the fallen snow and keep the temperature necessary for wintering at the roots.

Reviews about strawberry yields

Irina Pozdnyakova, 56 years old:

“The best strawberry garden Evi. The berry is very juicy, but not watery. All strawberries are large and juicy. During the season we manage to collect 3 crops. It’s enough to pamper the children and cook the jam. ”

Marina Zatonskaya, 38 years old:

“Last year, on the advice of my mother’s friend, a new Dutch strawberry variety Sweet Mary was planted. Such a sweet berry has never been eaten! Over the summer there was not a single rotten berry. Everything is like a selection of large, smooth. I never cooked jam, but I could not resist it. I really wanted to keep the taste of Sweet Mary for a long time. ”

Alexey Gurov, 67 years old:

“I read with my wife in a magazine that the Evian-2 removable strawberries can also be grown on the balcony. I liked the description of the variety. Seedlings were written out and planted in large flower pots. Land for planting made themselves. Mixed in equal parts peat, humus, sand, sawdust and land. A week after planting, they were fed superphosphate. A large harvest of strawberries was not expected. But there were so many berries that were enough for both children and grandchildren. The effort was not in vain. ”

How to care for strawberries