Strawberry Clery: Variety Description and Characteristics

Strawberry Clery: Variety Description and Characteristics

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The Italian strawberry variety is one of the most popular among buyers. Large, juicy, saturated carmine color - this is Clery's strawberry, the description of the variety of which leads buyers to delight. Strawberry Clery is a rich taste, juicy pulp and simply breathtaking aroma.

The main characteristics of the variety

The Italian beauty matures early. The last days of May - the beginning of June - the fruiting period, but from the first days of May you can observe snow-white flowering. Garden Clery is characterized by a shiny, as if varnished, surface and chiseled forms. The berries are large, one fruit weighs 25-40 g. It has high taste. This strawberry variety is very tasty, fragrant, sweet, like nectar, and fragrant.

An important characteristic is carmine-red fruits with a bright sheen. The shape of the berry is conical, regular, characterized by uniformity of mass. The pulp is fleshy and very juicy. Clery's strawberry flavor is surprising in its sweetness. They say the berry is even too sweet. Moreover, the bright taste is complemented by an impressive bouquet of aroma, which will not allow to confuse this berry with any other.

Compared to other types of berries, this Clery strawberry variety has low productivity. The average yield is 290 kg / ha. Despite this, many gardeners breed this culture because of its beautiful appearance, excellent taste and early ripening. Thanks to its outward appeal, the garden Clery has gained popularity in the industrial environment.

Unlike ordinary strawberries, the berry bush is tall, with medium leafiness. Leaf blades are dark green with a slight sheen. The bush itself is as beautiful as the fruit. After reading the description of the variety, gardeners will probably want to decorate their site with such a beautiful cultural planting, which, moreover, gives aromatic and tasty berries.

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Clery's Strawberry: Variety Description

Inflorescences of the variety are located so that they are at the level of the leaves. Pleases a large number of peduncles, which are well pubescent and thick. It is important to remember that in the first year of planting a rich crop, you do not need to wait. Reviews of many gardeners are unanimous: 10-15 berries from 3-4 peduncles. In subsequent years, important characteristics include a high reproduction rate. One mother of the Italian beauty gives about 22-30 outlets. This is for the season. So you will always have such an amazing strawberry garden as Clery's variety.

Fruit ripening starts from the bottom and ends with the tips. Unripe berries can have an intense and bright color, but be hard inside. It is necessary to give the fruits time to warm themselves well in the sun. Ripe strawberry garden has good transportability, which is possible due to the strong skin and dense pulp.

This strawberry variety is well resistant to various diseases of the root system. The index of resistance to brown and white spotting is average.

A few words from agricultural technology

Garden strawberry Clery is a self-pollinated variety, so pollinators are not needed. Suitable for growing both in the garden and in greenhouses and greenhouses. Feature: A long rest period is required. The best way to grow is using the cassette method. Frigo technology is not entirely successful for this kind of berry. Reviews of many experienced companies indicate that in closed ground the yield of the sweet fruit is many times higher.

If you plant strawberry bushes in an open area, the climate should be temperate. And although the variety is characterized by good drought tolerance, drip irrigation will give seedlings a better survival rate. In the spring, beds must be covered with agrospan, film.

Adhering to tunnel cultivation or cultivation under arcs, you can get a crop 7-14 days earlier than from an open area.

How to plant strawberries

For the cultivation of strawberries for industrial purposes, it is recommended to use one to two-year crops. Having studied the description of the variety, the answer becomes clear: you do not need to spend time on sanitary cleaning (which is necessary in the fall), thinning; preventive costs are excluded. In addition, the decline in yield, which is observed over time, causes large losses for industrial companies.


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